Bimmerbrew originated from a simple vision: create the most authentic collection of BMW artwork that anyone could appreciate. After I had finished another mundane semester of graduate school, I found myself in my garage with some free time. I was standing in front of my F80 M3 while sipping a freshly brewed cup of coffee and it had dawned on me. Those were the only two things I am truly passionate about: BMW’s and coffee. More specifically, enjoying BMW’s while drinking coffee. As I was staring at my carbon ceramic brakes, I glanced at the poor excuse of a BMW-themed mug I got online and had a realization.

There is a lack of high-quality BMW lifestyle products for the enthusiast, and the ones that do exist are either inconsistent or inaccurate. That is why I set out to curate a collection of well-designed and authentic artwork that could satisfy even the most hardcore BMW enthusiast, such as myself. My goal is to characterize the BMW Group’s incredible and iconic lineage of design in a usable and enjoyable experience every day.   

-  Ziad / Bimmerbrew